Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I had a dream I saw the dragon

Oh... I had a dream. In the begining it was bad... But then! Night. I was climbing up on the building, it was raining. There was a dragon's statue after I climbed up ! It became alive and I tried to fight with it... Agrh... Then the statue of elephant became alive and it flied me away. I saw the ocean and rivers, forests and fields... It was amazing! hah flying statue of elephant) funny yeah) Silly, but this dream was wonderfull.

I just was sleeping and it was hard to wake up) hah just one lazy day in a week)

By the way here is my new photoshoot. Melancholic as usually.

Really wonderfull girl Oksana) Speciall thanks to my assistent and best friend Nika :) The song of the day is Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out! "Thumbs up" song :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot town, summer in the city

The summer's just begun, but for me it is already moved on. Day after day... Nothing. But some time ago I met people! The most interesting people in the world! And it's the greatest news in my life!
I've made the dream's catcher on my hand. Not forever, but I hope for a long time.

A little bit sad and my bag is broken... shit happens :)

I read a book by Lion Feuchtwanger "Spanish Ballade" (Die Jüdin von Toledo) - one of the greatest writer's works! A great novel about love and in our times it is undeservedly forgotten. Really, beautiful novel.

I want to say some words about the group on russian social network! Fashion Rexy! The best group about fashion! 

My song for today: A-ha - Summer Moved On .... One of my favourite bands.

my look ^_^