Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is hand-wolf....oh...sorry. This is Wolf - Nicolaus! He is an actor and he loves Shakespeare's tragedies.

Timberlands are very beautifull ^^ Are not they?

Yesterday evening one perfect girl visited me. Her name is Tanya. We had a tea-party. Haha) I think she is awesome, she looks like a bird. Beautifull one.(as you can see at 1st two photos). Unfortunatly she is from another city(( I hope I'll visit her in the middle of december. She has an awesome style. Really, street fashion. I fell in love with her Timberlands ^_^ I hope I'll get such Tims later. :) And the main thing is that Birdy is wonderfull person! We spent a very good time! Hope to see her soon again :)

P.S. Can't wait for one good event in future...))

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Bear, not mouse.

One more evening with friends in beer house. Really nice place to spend time with your friends. Wonderfull decorations, nice food, good coffee and beer. It's really warm place!) We just talked and listened to jazz music that played there. We maked plans for future. For January, actually. 
Do you see the flag of FC Barcelona? :)) Cute ^_^
P.S. Some news: bought some new clothes, will show it later. And I don't drink!
P.P.S. Do you feel christmas?)) It's near! I feel it... In the air. 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Haha I am sleepy english aristocrat)) Would you like a cup of tea, sir?  

I'm so in love with men's shirts! Bought new shirt and it's from men's collection. (and bought a warm bag ^^). Btw can't stop looking through blogs about men's style! Argh I really enjoy staring at the' pictures. Tweed jackets, ties, watches, vespas, shirts! - Man's world :))

I was interviewed for looknbe as a bloger! you can read it there:  - it's in Russian, but if you want I can translate it for you)

Hah, forget to say that I can't stop laughing at this video! It's MAAALK!

my look ^_^