Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I crave Paris

Todays is so sunny day! But I stay at home cause there's no place to go... That makes me sad... No, I'm still in amazing mood :) I took some photo's of me.

Oh and I forget this:

Clothes: Stradivarius jamper, mom's sweater, hat vintage and my Diva necklace.

On the last photo my little Effel tower :) It's a present and i love it so much!!! Thnx Lisa*
Soon! Very soon is my new photoshoot. I'm so lazy... That's why I don't shoot... But soon you will see my new works :) My fantasy is big. I hope ypu'll like it. 
P.S. I bought Russian Vogue last week... It's better than it was some months ago! And I love spring/summer colours...) Do you know it?
White, black, dark blue... About it in my next post... later :) Have a nice day'n'night.

Paris, wait for me!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waste my time by making some decorations.
I found a battle in my house and decided to make something with it :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Here's new photoshoot. Nothing special, just 4 test. Enjoy. My thoughts and other information after photos.

Model: Victoria
Clothes: hm... just a piece of material. 

You know... I love dramatic portraits. I always try to make them more dramatic by the light. Such photos are so deep inside. They make you feel something indescribable. I think everytning is because of my mood. I'm depressed. No, I  was depressed. 
I made this photos in arthome's photoclub. There was a lot of people. It was aweful, coz I'm scared of crowds! I and Victoria went to take pictures behind the background, there were no people. And the light was natuaral. I relaxed and took some photos.

Oh and my muse is back. She is unpredictable woman.) I've got so much ideas for photoshoots! I hope I will make my dreams, ideas and thougths come true!
I always want to write a lot there, but I can't! I'm so short-spoken.

my look ^_^