Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First time is not so good.

I'm so scared! I post my first look on lookbook. It's so ordinary and it sucks, but i wanted to post something so bad! You can see it on the right panel. Please, help me, hype it!

My friend Makka. Her outfit is amazing, I love her jacket and shoes :) 

Clothes on me: Jacket - Stradivarius
Hat - Ostin
Shirt - ASN
Shoes - Tula
The rest - Vintage
I was taking photos of me for lookbook and now I'm upset coz it's awefull.
I've got nothing to say. Really upset. I have a song of my mood. 
Radiohead - I want none of this

Oh, good news. I bought skirt, sunglasses, hat and shoes... Bad news all the dresses don't suit me at all(

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Put on that dress I'm going out dancing

Today was a day of taking photos of me) ha. And just funny day) 

Yeah! The main news!!!! I registered on lookbook.nu. I wanted it so long. It's really awesome site.
I will try to be not so shy and add there my looks.

Forget to say I found this pretty green sweater in my granny's weardrobe. It suits me a lot.) Thanks granny!
Tomorrow I'll go shoping. I will buy dress, I hope so, And I hope that I will go.

Have a nice day'n'night!

test photoshoot with amazing girl

I found this pretty girl when I was shooting backstage at the La Cafe shop fashion show. I understood that i've been searching for such girl for a long time.
Look at this first test photos:

Photographer: Christina Barcelona (Kosheleva)
Model: Catherina Aksenova

She is so beautiful!!!!! Really. And she is great person. Hope to make more photoshoots with Catherine.
So I found her and she wrote to me. Was very rainy day but whatever, we went for shooting)
I'm so glad.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Province! Go!

So, as I promised there's some photos of well-dressed and just stylish people from my city (it's just the beginning). And there's some photo from ArtHome's Marché aux puces (Flea Market). I was excited when I was taking this photos.
As usually firstly photos then my speech :) 

I hope you like it. Oh and this woman in yellow, I was waiting for my bus and then I saw her... She was like from London's Streets. Amazing woman.
Flea market in Astrakhan's experimental culture house "AtrHome" at last weekend. It was amazing! A lot of people and fashion, stylish clothes! It was like Paris's flea market.
I'm so exited.
P.S. I've got the song of my last weakend: The Strokes - Machu Picchu.
Have a nice week :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Like A. McQueen

Finally! I've made my jacket. It looks like it was made by Alexander McQueen!

Oh, I hope you'll like it :) It's better in life by the way)
Just didn't know what to do. I dicided to make smth new with my old bad jacket. And I made this. Thnx to my friend Nasty, she took photos of this process. 
P.S. I took a photo of great woman on the street! She was dressed like British woman.
So soon photos of street fashion of my city!

my look ^_^