Wednesday, December 22, 2010

so red and so silly

This is my look for today... I'm so silly I don't like myself... I've got to do something with it.

By the way I found today a sweater!!! it's pretty old, but i love it :)
Oh... And I do so much stupid things. God, people think that I always smile because I'm happy. No I'm not. But I will do smthg with it. I had a dream today that I win a lot of money and become famous fashion blogger :) Don't know about money but I will try to become a good F-blogger :D 


  1. oh wow your hair so vivid,it kinda reminds me of Hayley Williams.

    good luck with further blogging :)

  2. Thank you!
    I need luck :)
    Oh, they r pretty similar) But to tell the truth i needed another colour...

  3. OH I love your hair and your first sweater is adorable. I'm following! Don't forget your little people when you become a famous fashion blogger!! lol


  4. Hell yeaah :)
    thank you very much!
    your words are so inspiring!)
    p.s. your blog is pretty cool. i like it)

  5. Excellent picturresss! Love them :)


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