Monday, December 13, 2010


Ha-ha! look at my head! :) 
I decided that redhead girls should have wavy or curly hair.
That's why I wear curlers today :)
Laugh at me :D
Have a nice day!


  1. Are you TOTALLY copying Nadia Esra, or it only seems, huh?

  2. TOTAllY)
    all disign. But colour of my hair is different a little bit) and photos r different and posts) I said in facebook that i copied disign from her blog

  3. hehe :) then i believe you chose the best person! hmm are you from Russia maybe?

  4. I love her) I was inspired by her pix. I was scared for 3 years to become a redhead and month ago I saw her pix, and its impressed me)))
    Yeah... I'm from Russia))) It's great country but not for me)) And you?

  5. She really is inspiring! ..Great you became a redhead! Looks like it suits you :) And how did the curls/waves turn out?? Hehe so i guessed you're Russian! Я люблю русский язык! знаю говорить немножко)) (но понимаю почти все) а я из Сербии (мой язык похож русскому).. извини если я делаю ошибки! Have you noticed that mostly Russian people write smileys in this way ")))" ? I've always wondered why only Russian hehe...

  6. Ha-ha))) I don't know))) may be we're so smily people)) and smiles in all conversations tells us about friendliness) and that we r glad to talk to this person)
    yeah, your russian is pretty good, there's some mistakes, but it doesn't matter) we all make mistakes, especially me)))
    My curls were amazing! I understood that they suit me))))))))

  7. LOL! ты полный позитив!


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