Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh... Today's a pretty strange day. I've got a chaos in my head... Brrrrrh...
But it's not the point. My friend was busy today and we didn't go to sushi bar to eat a sushi-rolls.
I was upset and went home. Oh, and I bought some food. I came home and decided to watch the movie. And it was my favourite film... The Holiday... It's so Christmas, so romantic, so funny, so cute...Oh I love it so much... everything in this movie makes me cry of happinessGod, I watched it 10 times! 

By the way, when I was going home I took a photo of the walkway near my university. Today was a lot of fog and it was very fairy!.)



  1. it's not so good)) i've got better))
    but this one is really mysterious))

  2. ooh, i forgot one important thing))
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. oh then please show the "better" ones :))
    i love the fairy-mysterious look!
    and you're welcome :))

  4. I love the movie <3

  5. This movie always makes me smile in my soul))


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