Thursday, March 15, 2012


Btw, I'm in love with video and song! It's awesome!

Firstly about video. There's a lot of blood, not like in Dexter, but. Gyllenhaal is perfect as a maniac. I want someone to make a movie from this with Jake. It'd be great. 

Finally! I decided to make a post. I didn't do it cause I was in kindda depression. I couldn't even take photos. Just sat at home an did nothing. As for present days: I'm back! 
So I bought new stuff and my fav is  necklace. It's from accessorize. The rest I'll show you later. Btw, I remade my white  shirt and it looks awesome. I promise I'll made a new look later.

P.S. The earrings is a present from my friend, a lot of thnx to her, I love 'em very much and I like rain-deers!!! 

P.P.S. I love batman. He's so aristocratic. 

Hope you'll never be upset! Be happy x.x.

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