Friday, December 2, 2011


This candle smells vanilla ^_^

Hard morning after hard night. Hard, but not in bad way. I didn't sleep at all.
Finally I can show you my favourite hoodie!!! I love it very much. The grey colour and it's very warm! 

P.S. Today I bought very beautifull scarf I'll show it later!!!
Mood: depressive... Don't know why I always in bad mood. Argh I'll try to fix it. 


  1. Your blog is amazing dear, it is so pretty, I shall follow, would you like to follow back? Mines tell me if you would like in a comment! I saw your blog from nadia's blog. xx

    also let me know if you have bloglovin.

  2. Lovely photos, your hoodie is super, I love it <3


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