Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cat's arrival and friend's visit

This is my cat up there ^_^. And this is our first photo together :) Her name is Pandora(Panda). She is mysterious and I decided to call her Pandora. 
And yesterday Victoria visited me, she showed some photos from her Italian trip. And I took some photos of her. Her amazing look and her photo that was made by me you can see and hype on lookbook. Victoria's lookbook


  1. Wow, I love your floppy hat and your ring!! Beautiful! And your cat's sooooo cute!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  2. It's my friend Victoria's hat :) She visited me and I took some photos of her. But thank you!!!
    yeah kitty is awesome :3 she is so smart!

  3. красивоооо!!

    а кольцо-то какое круто! узнала! )


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