Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Province! Go!

So, as I promised there's some photos of well-dressed and just stylish people from my city (it's just the beginning). And there's some photo from ArtHome's Marché aux puces (Flea Market). I was excited when I was taking this photos.
As usually firstly photos then my speech :) 

I hope you like it. Oh and this woman in yellow, I was waiting for my bus and then I saw her... She was like from London's Streets. Amazing woman.
Flea market in Astrakhan's experimental culture house "AtrHome" at last weekend. It was amazing! A lot of people and fashion, stylish clothes! It was like Paris's flea market.
I'm so exited.
P.S. I've got the song of my last weakend: The Strokes - Machu Picchu.
Have a nice week :)


  1. Оо женщина в желтом мама моего друга вот так сюрприз!


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